Man flashes Scottsdale woman walking dog, victim chases after suspect

Austin Bree Fox just wanted to get some exercise on Wednesday afternoon, but a walk with her dog left her shaken.

"It's very disturbing to know that I can't even walk my dogs in the middle of the day without being sexually harassed," said Fox.

Fox said she noticed a man drive past her and turn around while walking near Thomas and Granite Reef Road in Scottsdale.

When Fox got closer to him he started acting strangely.

"What was weird is he didn't say thing to me or even try to get my attention through vocally, he was just smiling. Just a really creepy smile," said Fox.

The creepy smile was not the only thing the man flashed. Fox said he opened his car door, stuck out his legs, pulled his pants down and started touching himself.

"For a second, I didn't think it was real - like when first saw I was like oh my goodness, oh he's really doing this," said Fox.

The man then got into his car and took off and so did Fox. She ran right after him.

"Honestly, I was so offended by it and just that it was broad daylight right by a school I was not scared of him. I wanted to get his license number and report him as soon as I could to the police," said Fox.

She said he the car had a temporary dealer plate on it so she wasn't able to get a plate number.

The car was a new, Royal blue, 4-door Nissan Altima with tinted windows.


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