Kansas man, Michael Tysver, making amazing recovery after Scottsdale pedicab accident

SCOTTSDALE - Less than two weeks after being hit by a suspected drunk driver while riding a pedicab in Scottsdale, a Kansas man is making an amazing recovery.

Michael Tysver has been transported to a Wichita rehabilitation facility. He's walking and has even been able to toss a ball.

"The doctors down there said they've never really seen someone hurt like this get back on their feet so quick," said Tysver.

Tysver explained that his skull was actually detached from his spine and he was dead on the hospital table at one point after the crash.

"It is the same kind of injury when you get hung," he said. "I'm going to be 100 % again."

Tsyver and his friend Cody Clark were in Scottsdale for the Fiesta Bowl. They were celebrating in Scottsdale after the game and took a pedicab to go back to their hotel.

A suspected drunk driver rear-ended them near Scottsdale Road and McDonald Drive.

Both were critically injured. Clark remains in a Valley hospital with serious injuries. The pedicab driver was not seriously hurt. Joseph Spano, was arrested for suspicion of DUI.


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