How Mayo Clinic teams are protecting your heart during an MRI

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Mayo Clinic is finding new ways to help patients with implanted cardiac devices. 

Dr. Shen, chair of the department of cardiovascular diseases at Mayo Clinic, says that there are around 3 million Americans that currently have implanted cardiac devices. Over half of them will need to have an MRI at some point in time during the lifespan of their device.

However, many hospitals around the country do not allow these patients to have an MRI performed due to the risk of further injury. 

Mayo Clinic specializes in finding a safe way to allow these patients to receive the full benefits of the MRI. 

Dr. Shen says that they have the resources to develop a full team consisting of a cardiologist, electro physiologist, pacemaker nurses, radiologist, and radiology physicists. 

This team fully monitors the patient throughout the entire procedure. Many hospitals around the country do not have the resources to pull of this procedure with such a knowledgeable team.

The MRI allows these patients to have an early diagnosis, which plays a critical role in treatment.

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