Megan Welter, Arizona Cardinals cheerleader, arrested after fight with boyfriend

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - An Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who delayed her dream of becoming a dancer when she joined the U.S. Army now finds herself facing legal battles after a domestic violence incident in Scottsdale recently.

On July 20 police responded to a home near McDonald Drive and Granite Reef Road for a report of a family fight.

According to a police report, when officers arrived at the home they noted that 29-year-old Megan Elizabeth Welter showed signs of being intoxicated. In fact, they said, she had "difficulty describing the events in chronological order."

Apparently her boyfriend had recorded videos of the incident on his cell phone and Welter reportedly admitted that she did hit him and punch him.

Welter told police she wanted her boyfriend off the property but he wouldn't leave stating that he couldn't drive.

Welter told police the male had picked her up, thrown her on the patio and locked the door.

Welter said she got back inside the house where her boyfriend pushed her down and she hit her head. He then allegedly began to choke her. The male told police he never "hit, pushed or assaulted Welter."

She then reportedly took all his belongings and threw them out onto the back patio. She also cut up an ID and credit card, according to police.

According to the documents, Welter explained the couple had gone out drinking for her birthday and after they returned home she fell asleep.

She said the argument began after she woke up and discovered her boyfriend had gone through her personal phone, looking for text messages. They began arguing about past relationships.

Welter's boyfriend told a police sergeant that she became extremely upset about it and began to hit him and pull his hair. That's when he reportedly began recording the assault.

According to the police report, Welter and her boyfriend have been dating for about six months and that about a month ago Welter told him she was pregnant. She told him she decided to have an abortion, against his wishes.

When asked why she didn't call police right away, Welter said she didn't feel threatened until her boyfriend started choking her. Police did not find any signs of injuries or of strangulation consistent with being choked.

Welter was arrested for assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage.

Welter went to officer training school in 2007 and spent 16 months in Iraq.

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