Arie Luyendyk Jr. talks about what's next for him

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - You know him from Season 8 of  "The Bachelorette," but Arie Luyendyk Jr. left the finale broken-hearted. He admits he was in love with Emily.

"Yeah, I think everyone could see that," he says.

But, his feelings have certainly changed since the show wrapped up seven months ago. He was spotted in Scottsdale kissing Season 7 Bachelor winner, Courtney Robertson.

"She's very spontaneous, she's a little wild. But, unfortunately, the flame went out pretty quick," Arie says.

Speaking of kissing. Arie appeared on the first episode of The Bachelor this season, giving Sean Lowe kissing lessons.  

"I don't think he's taking my advice. He still needs a little bit of work. But I think he's getting better," Arie says.

Arie admits, he's not looking for love.

"I want to get back to the track and away from romance," he says.

He's taking on Stadium Super Trucks, with his fans, literally, by his side. You can put your photo on Arie's helmet and truck, helping to sponsor his season.

"This is another way for fans to cross over from love into racing," Arie explains. "I think my base is like 99 percent female."

It's just one reason why producers tapped Arie to be the next Bachelor.

"We negotiated back and forth. But, ultimately, I wanted to race," he says.

So, who's Arie rooting for this season?

"I'd say that's Ashley at this point. I think she reminds me of myself. Just her emotion toward him, you can tell she's really into him," he says.

And, Arie says he just recently talked to Sean.

"I'm happy for him," he says. "He seems really upbeat."

So, just maybe, everlasting love will finally be in the cards for the bachelor.


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