Andrew Cupo, suspended Cactus Shadows High drama teacher, returns to school

CAVE CREEK, AZ - A Cave Creek high school drama teacher has returned after being suspended for having acting class students perform a play with sexually explicit content.

Andrew Cupo had been on paid administrative leave since Oct. 7 after some parents complained about the play.

Students in Cupo's advanced drama class at Cactus Shadows High studied and read aloud an absurdist play in which one of the characters falls in love with a goat.

Cupo reportedly warned the students several times about the explicit content and offered several opportunities to opt out and study an alternative script.

Scottsdale police looked into the matter and found no grounds for criminal wrongdoing.

Cupo was back in class on Tuesday. Cactus High's principal now will review all plays performed in class or publicly at the school.

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