Amy's Baking Company: Can Amy Bouzaglo's Scottsdale restaurant resurrect its reputation?

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - "I thought 'Oh my god what is happening here,'" says Amy Bouzaglo of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, as she sits with her husband, Samy.            

She is talking about her episode of Kitchen Nightmares.

Amy says she wanted to hide under her bed.

Outraged viewers wanted to be heard and heated comments filled the Internet.

But what happened next -- the restaurant's own response -- was the classic ‘What Not To Do' and one, they say, they did not do.

Angry Facebook status updates in all caps, calling the viewers out -- a move that made the story go viral.

It was tough to be online this week and avoid it… or believe it.

But Amy says it was not them. She says it was hackers.

"I can tell you I have filed all the appropriate paperwork," says Amy, adding she has called the police and the FBI computer crimes division.

She goes on to tell ABC15, "We are capable of making those posts, and saying strong things, but we did not make those posts."

"We learned from our original experience, don't say negative things on the web," says the owner.

That original experience? Their social media reaction years ago to an unfavorable review on Yelp.

Despite the similarities, this time, they say it wasn't them.

So is it bad bosses, reckless reality TV, or a total lack of social media savvy?

Whatever you decide, it's cooked up a recipe that we can't look away from.

And now, we won't have to.

The restaurant is planning a re-grand opening on Tuesday.

 "We welcome the doubters," they add.

Of the lessons learned that night, Amy admits, "Our behavior that night was not right. What you saw is a woman, who felt cornered, and I had a meltdown."

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