Orly Gottesman brings new gluten-free friendly baking to Chompie's

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - There's a new gluten-free friendly chef in the Valley, and she traveled half way around the world to get here!

Orly Gottesman's passion for baking started when she was living in France, where she took a few macaroon classes.

She later moved to Sydney, Australia where she studied Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu.

"I originally started this so I would be able to bake for my husband, whose Celiac. He is unable to eat gluten foods," said Gottesman. "Had you told me three years ago, 'You're gonna be a pastry chef.' I would have said, 'No I'm not!'"

She's since gone on to create original gluten-free friendly flour for the different breads and pastries she bakes.

You can find her pastries and bread at Chompie's in Paradise Valley Mall, where she is now the resident gluten-free friendly chef for the company.

Her goal is to eventually open a her own gluten-free friendly shop in town.

For more on Gottesman's journey, check out her website, glutenfreechallenge.org.

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