Burglaries on the rise in Paradise Valley

PARADISE VALLEY, AZ - The rate of burglaries in the town of Paradise Valley has doubled since the start of the year.

We haven't even gotten through two months of 2013, and Paradise Valley has already had nearly one-third of the burglaries that they had in all of 2012.

Neighbors near the area of 52nd Street and Shea Blvd. have been affected the most by the increase in crime.

"What they do is they knock on the door, then they go to the back of the home and throw rocks in through the windows, and get in through the bedroom," resident Jennifer Manning said.

It's a crude method, but it's working for criminals, over and over again. Five homes in a single Paradise Valley neighborhood were burglarized. One of the houses was hit two times in a row. It's enough to take "paradise" out of the town's name.

"It makes me very scared. Really scared," Manning said. "You feel vulnerable at any time because they do come at any time during the day, and not usually at night."

Reports show the town has had 17 burglaries so far in 2013. Many more are near Paradise Valley's north border with Phoenix and Scottsdale. There were a total of 54 in all of 2012.

Because of the crime increase, Manning updated her home security system. She wishes the city would make the town's safety a much bigger priority.

"Police need to be patrolling more, but we also need more officers. Instead of beautifying Paradise Valley and putting up little signs that say 'welcome to Paradise Valley."

Officers are warning residents to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and to pay extra attention on Saturdays. Paradise Valley police say a majority of the burglaries are happening in the early evening hours of Saturdays.

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