Fuel spill in Fountain Hills taking months to clean up

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - Months after a gas spill in Fountain Hills, neighbors are patiently waiting for the cleanup to wrap up.

The mess started when a tanker truck driver backed into a dumpster near Shea and Saguaro boulevards in November.

That caused more than 2,000 gallons of gasoline to spill down the steep road and into a drain.

Mel Ohre has lived in his home off Shea Boulevard for more than two decades.

He says the cleanup is going slower than he'd like.

"My personal viewpoint [is] it could move a little quicker," Ohre says.

Crews have to now test 24 to 30 inches of soil underneath the asphalt to check for contamination and if it comes back positive they dig deeper to see how far it goes.          

"I don't know what the problem is. They say there's oil down there and they got to keep digging," Ohre said.

According to the town's engineer inspector some of the road absorbed enough oil that machines used to remove it sparked tiny explosions.

Ohre says the crews are working right in front of his home and he sees them trying to clean it all up.

"They're working all the time digging it up. Moving trucks around. You know Bobcats," he says.

Saguaro Boulevard has been down to one lane since it happened. Ohre says he understands safety is the priority but still, it's just taking a little long.

"I'd like to see it over with but what am I going to do?"

Once crews have it all cleaned up, they will still need to replace the dirt and asphalt.

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