Fountain Hills charity to close, if they can't raise rent money by October 1st

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ - A Fountain Hills family is desperate for donations. A mother and son opened a non-profit store back in April but after new owners bought the space, they may have to close for good.

Max Hadsall was just seven when he started volunteering at a food bank. Five months ago, when he was 10, he told his mom that he wanted to do more to give back. That's when they opened Max's Closet. It's basically a large weekly garage sale to help those who sometimes can't even afford Goodwill. But their generosity may soon come to an end.

Lisa says her son has a huge heart and loves helping people. They started the charity closet and give all proceeds to Extended Hands Food Bank which is right next door to their location on East Laser Drive. Some of their goods are $50, but if the customer can only pay $30, then that's what they pay. Some items are even given away for free.

Max says his favorite part is, "Knowing that the people that are taking what they need, need it, and they can actually have it."

But that kindness may be over. Lisa says the previous complex owner donated their current space. But the bank foreclosed on it. Now there's a new owner asking for $1,300 in rent which is something they just can't afford.

"Max's Closet doesn't make a lot of money," says Lisa. "We kind of keep everything low or just give it away to people."

Pastor David Iverson, who runs the food bank, is also hit hard by the possible outcome.

"When it comes to needing a refrigerator that went out, or needing an appliance or a washing machine that went on the blink and you can't afford to go out and buy a new one, we can make that available to them," Iverson says.

But only for another few days because if they can't come up with the rent money they'll be forced to shut down and say goodbye to faithful customers who would really use the help.       

An anonymous donor from Fountain Hills has already pledged $1,000 a month for the next year to help them stay open. Right now, they're still about $500 short a month which would include money for utilities.

If they don't get help by October 1, they'll have to shut down and all items will be donated to the Salvation Army.


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