Veterans share stories with students to preserve history

CAREFREE, AZ - When you see a crowd filled with veterans at a ceremony honoring their service, you realize how many men and women have given up everything for us.

"I haven't spoken about anything from Vietnam for years," said Lt. Col. John D. Wintersteen.

He decided to share his story with the Veterans Heritage Project, a non-profit group that connects veterans with middle and high school students who record their stories to share in a book that's sent to the Library of Congress.

"We archive them with the Veterans History Project in D.C. They have about 90,000 stories now on tape," said Barbara Hatch, with VHP.

These stories can change the lives of the students who record them.

"You start building these relationships and you find out there's something a little bit bigger than your little posse in high school," said student Ashley Durham.

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