Dogs rescued from Washington now recovering at R.U.F.F.F. Sanctuary in Arizona

GOLDEN VALLEY, AZ - More than 100 dogs are recovering at a sanctuary near Kingman, Arizona after suffering through unimaginable conditions.          

Some had large body sores, others hadn't been fed in weeks and most were living in their own filth; going crazy being kept in such small spaces for so long.

Now they're being given a second chance at life.

Hillarie Allison says when a man came and dropped dozens of malnourished and neglected dogs at her sanctuary in Golden Valley, Arizona, she knew it was a matter of life or death.

"How could I say no? Cause there was nowhere else for them to go," Allison said.

The dogs had come all the way from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, Washington, but the facility was anything but a safe haven for the pets.

One woman who used to volunteer at the sanctuary in Forks said the dogs lived in their own waste, were kept in the dark, had no exercise, were rarely fed and almost never had fresh water.

The Olympic Sanctuary was located in a rundown building. The dogs were taken there because supposedly they were aggressive and dangerous, although many haven't shown any signs.             

The founder Steve Markwell had little to say about the alleged abuse. He was never charged with any crimes but in December, amid mounting pressure and protests, he crammed the dogs into crates, loaded them into a semi and drove more than a thousand miles to the R.U.F.F.F. (Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation) Sanctuary in Arizona.

Allison described her horror when she opened the truck and she saw the dogs. "I was heartbroken, that animals would have to live like that," she said.         

Allison also said the dogs will need more rehabilitation and some TLC. She and many others are grateful that these dogs' darkest days are behind them.

The dogs are being looked at by a Henderson, Nevada animal clinic. They are slowly getting their health back.

Many of them are now adoptable. To learn more about R.U.F.F.F., you can visit their website.

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