Isabel Christina McBee arrested on suspicion of leaving car in Mexico, claiming it was stolen

YUMA, AZ - Yuma County Sheriff's deputies arrested a woman Wednesday after she allegedly left her vehicle in Mexico and claimed it was stolen.

According to the Yuma County Sheriff's Office, Isabel Christina McBee, 49, reported that her 2012 Lincoln Navigator, worth about $72,000, was missing on March 23.

Officials said the responding deputy became suspicious when McBee said she could not get the spare key to the car because it was in a safe and she did not know the combination.

Later, the deputy learned that the key was equipped with a security chip and without it, the car could not be started.

According to YCSO, detectives discovered that McBee's vehicle had crossed the border into Mexico on March 22, a day before she reported it missing.

Video surveillance footage showed McBee crossing back into the United States on foot just 42 minutes after her Lincoln Navigator was seen entering Mexico.

Officials said that McBee admitted to taking her car into Mexico and leaving it and the key with a relative before falsely reporting it missing to both YCSO and her insurance company.

McBee was arrested on suspicion of fraudulent schemes and theft. Her husband, who is suspected of being involved, was also arrested on suspicion of fraudulent schemes and theft.

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