Flooded wash strands Wittmann homeowners

WITTMANN, AZ - It looked like a river, but it was actually the road home for some residents of Wittmann, Arizona.

"It's nothing but water all over," said Lisa Bradley

"It comes down from the mountains in the Wickenburg area and totally floods here," said Bradley.

Tuesday's heavy rains trapped Bradley and other homeowners for more than five hours on either side of the wash.

Bradley says, "This is the only way in or out. We've gone around the whole area trying to find any other little road or any other section we could cross and not have to deal with the wash and there is no other way. This is the only way in."

She says it happens often during heavy monsoon storms and wants the county to do something about it.

"No matter what, we all pay taxes just like everybody else does, so I don't know why the county decides they are going to stop maintaining the road at that point."

Maricopa Department of Transportation officials say they are aware of Tuesday's storm runoff. There are no current plans to build a bridge or improve the road. They will however continue roadway maintenance and debris removal following heavy storm events.

Bradley says it's not enough.

"There should be a bridge or some maintenance involved because there are a large amount of residences back in this way."

She says this will be a problem until the county takes action to fix it.

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