Tucson remembers Isabel Celis who disappeared from her bedroom a year ago

TUCSON, AZ - Gone, but not forgotten. That's the message a Tucson family wanted to send today.

Exactly one year ago, Isabel Celis disappeared from her bedroom and the 7-year-old hasn't been seen since.

But even after a year, her family hasn't given up hope.

Friends and family released 365 balloons on Sunday representing the 365 days since the disappearance of the little girl.

They're a family that's relying on prayer, the community and each other. But each day it's a struggle to stay strong.

"We can't be broken when she gets home, we need to be strong for her," her parents said.

They have a lot of help.

Today the Tucson community came together for Sunday Mass to pray for Isabel's family.

There was also a special event focusing on safety.

Isabel's family said today was all about keeping hope alive.

They also said there's a new tribute song for their missing daughter and all the proceeds from the song will go to a reward to help find Isabel.

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