Isabel Celis update: Tucson police searching neighborhood of missing girl

TUCSON, AZ - Dozens of police officers knocked on doors in a Tucson neighborhood Wednesday in hopes of finding new information in an investigation of a 6-year-old girl who was abducted more than 18 months ago.

Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Dugan says the door-to-door effort in Isabel Mercedes Celis' neighborhood wasn't prompted by new leads.

He says it instead was intended to seek out information that might not have been revealed when investigators first flooded the area after the child's April 2012 disappearance.

"Any time there's a child missing it becomes personal we want to do everything we can. Every minute that passes is a big deal to us. As soon as we can get information we'd like to follow up on those leads," said Dugan.

Authorities have been searching for the girl since her father reported her missing.

Family members have said they last saw her in her bedroom the night before.

Isabel's mother, Becky Celis, said she believes giving police the chance to take a fresh approach to her daughter's case will be helpful.

"Someone out there knows something and that's the only way we're going to get our answers," said Celis. "That can only bring hope."

Police have declined to say whether they have a suspect in the case or whether the child is believed to still be alive.

Dugan said officers plan on being in the neighborhood through Saturday. Police said they will work from noon to 10 p.m. until they've spoken to everybody.

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