Gun control 2013: Tucson conducts turn-in program for guns; receive a gift card for turn-in

TUCSON, AZ - Tucson residents lined up outside a police substation Tuesday morning to surrender guns in exchange for gift cards under a gun turn-in program organized by a City Council member, as gun-rights advocates mounted a counter effort to buy guns no longer wanted.

People giving up their guns in the turn-in program organized by Councilman Steve Kozachik are receiving $50 gift cards from the Safeway grocery store chain.

The substation's parking lot was full a half-hour before the event started, and about 25 people were waiting in line as the event began.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that most of the guns brought in initially were shotguns or rifles.

Meanwhile, lame-duck state Sen. Frank Antenori and others gathered outside the substation and were offering to buy guns to cash.

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