Firefighters rescue Tucson teen stuck inside chimney

TUCSON, AZ - A teenage boy in Tucson has the scratches to show for what may be the worst decision of his young life so far.

The 15-year-old got stuck in a chimney after he got home from school and couldn't get inside, according to KGUN.

The boy had no keys and his mom, Tammi, wasn't home so he decided to climb up to the roof and go down the chimney.

Tammi told KGUN when she got home she kept hearing noises and then a faint "mom, mom, mom."

She tried pulling on her son's arm, but he wasn't budging.

The boy was pulled from the chimney by a crew from the Rural/Metro Fire Department some time later. It took about five minutes to get him out, according to Rural/Metro.

The teen's got scratches to show for his misadventure and he and his mother had a nice long talk when he finally got loose, according to KGUN.

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