DPS officer resigns after found to be illegal immigrant

TUCSON, AZ - An investigation has revealed an undocumented immigrant was working for over a decade as a Department of Public Safety officer in Arizona.

According to KVOA, Carmen Figueroa retained employment with DPS for 13 years possibly by using a fake birth certificate. She served as a spokesperson for the department, and more recently as an officer.

The investigation into Figueroa reportedly started when her brother applied for a U.S. visa. After Immigration and Customs Enforcement ran a background check on Figueroa's brother, they learned she worked for DPS.

DPS spokesman Bart Graves told ABC15, "She resigned on Monday and has been under investigation by the U.S. State Department and DPS since late August."

Graves added that Figueroa was placed on administrative leave at that time.

There is no word if any charges against Figueroa will be filed.

Graves told KVOA Figueroa believed she was an American citizen.

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