6-year-old boy caught with loaded gun in backpack

TUCSON, AZ - Tucson police say a 6-year-old boy was caught with a loaded hand gun in his backpack while at Keeling Elementary School on Thursday.

Officers say the young boy was sent to the school nurse because he wasn't feeling well. As the boy was being prepared to be sent home, a staff member found the gun in his backpack and immediately called 911.

Tucson police say the hand gun was immediately secured but the school was not placed on lock down.

"There was no threat. In fact, it appears the student was completely unaware he even had the firearm in his backpack, because the backpack had apparently been used by another family member," said Amphitheater District Representative Todd Jaeger.

Investigators were able to track down the gun owner as the boy's father, 25-year-old Christopher Robles. Police say Robles already had a warrant for his arrest for a parole violation.

Officers went to Robles' house where he barricaded himself, turning the situation into a standoff that lasted for hours. Police were able to get Robles out of the house with the help of a K-9.

Allowing a child to get a hold of a weapon is considered child abuse. Authorities say the boy has been turned over to state child welfare officials.

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