Yarnell Fire: Evacuees thankful for firefighters' efforts

YARNELL, AZ - It wasn't the glow of the sun coming up that got Annie Gaines out of bed early Monday. It was a wall of flames closing in on her Yarnell neighborhood. And a firefighter's knock on the door.

"It was a towering inferno," said Gaines. "He said when a fire truck comes down the block blowing a horn, don't wait, just get out and go."

Gaines grabbed what she could, ending up with a mishmash of medicine, dog food, perfume and her bible.

"We thought about grabbing pictures, but when you're going to lose everything, what does saving one or two things really mean?" she said.

With nothing but her van and its contents, Gaines said she could be angry, but what's the point.

"Fire is not a conscious being, it didn't choose to burn everybody down," she said.

What she does feel is guilt knowing it was the Granite Mountain Hotshots who moved in, as she headed out.

"I feel responsible; they died fighting to save what's mine. It wasn't worth them dying to save. No human life is," she said.

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