Women's group to attempt to break world record for all-female skydive in Eloy

ELOY, AZ - A group of nearly 100 female skydivers are gathered in Arizona to try to break the world record for an all-female mass formation jump.

The group will begin jumps from Skydive Arizona in Eloy on Thanksgiving Day and continue jumping for two more days in hope of breaking the previous record of a 41-woman formation.

U.S. Parachute Association spokeswoman Nancy Koreen says participants include nearly 40 Americans and 50 women from Australia, Russia, France, England, Canada and Mexico. They'll be competing for slots on a record attempt set for Friday or Saturday.

The group plans multiple jumps each day from four aircraft flying as high as 16,000 feet. The skydivers will try to build a formation as they plummet head-first toward the ground at speeds approaching 170 mph.

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