Arizona lawmaker Senator Bob Worsley proposes border camera bill

An Arizona lawmaker is hoping to create a virtual border. State Senator Bob Worsley wants $30 million dollars to buy 300 cameras that would watch over the state's entire border.

"It would be the state's way to verify if the border is actually secure. The Border Patrol always says the border is secure. Now, with this camera, we will be able to see if that is in fact true," said Senator Worsley, AZ (R) District 25.

The cameras are from a company called SpotterRF. The company already makes cameras to help the military looking for combatants in Afghanistan.

"They would be placed 15 miles away from where border agents currently patrol. There would be one camera every two miles."

The bill only uses the cameras as a monitoring device, although federal and local law enforcement officials would be able to use the surveillance to find people who come into Arizona Illegally.

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