Young girl rescued after fall into septic tank near Maricopa

MARICOPA, AZ - A little girl is recovering in the hospital after being rescued from inside a septic tank near Maricopa.

It happened Saturday around noon at a swap meet behind a convenience store on Papago Road in Pinal County.

Authorities say the mother was walking with the toddler when the septic tank lid buckled under her and she fell in.

Witnesses tell ABC15 they heard the mother screaming "My baby! My baby!" and ran over to help.

Twenty-eight-year old Henry Ricketts said he didn't think twice before taking off his shoes and jumping in after her. He told ABC15 he's just two weeks out of prison and is determined to turn his life around. He got the chance sooner than expected.

"I would have done it for anybody. I have a son too," Ricketts said.

Ricketts was unable to locate the girl, but another man went in after her and was able to pull her up.

The little girl was under the sewage for several minutes. Witnesses say she was blue in the face and not breathing.

Another Good Samaritan gave the little girl CPR and she started breathing by the time an ambulance arrived.

"And then this angel, this young woman who came and took control, started CPR and gave her mouth to mouth, and that little child started showing some signs of life," said witness Barbara Fowler.

"And those two men not hesitating, they were heroes. Amazing," Fowler said.

The girl is currently recovering at Cardon Children's Medical Center in Mesa.

Authorities say the quick reaction and selflessness of these strangers saved this girl's life.

As for Henry Ricketts. He told ABC15 he is just two weeks out of prison and is determined to turn his life around.


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