Woman visiting from Canada gives life-saving CPR after toddler falls into septic tank near Maricopa

MARICOPA, AZ - A little girl is recovering in a Mesa hospital, thanks to the quick actions of three people, after she fell into a septic tank near Maricopa on Saturday .

The 2-year-old was walking with her mother behind a convenience store when she fell into the hole which was covered with a plastic cover.

One man jumped in and tried to save the girl but was unsuccessful. A second man was lowered into the hole and he was able to grab the toddler and pull her out.

A woman at the scene started mouth-to-mouth CPR on the little girl, saving her life.

Chelsea Cunningham told ABC15 she's not a medical professional, but her family has always made it a priority to know basic first aid training.

Cunningham and her family are visiting from Canada to escape the cold weather.

They had stopped by the swap meet off Papago Road when they heard people screaming.

Cunningham ran over and assessed the situation calmly, getting to work on the girl once the men had pulled the victim out of the sewage.

Cunningham said that at first the little girl showed no signs of life.

"She just looked done," Cunningham said. "But she wasn't done. She had lots left in her I guess and we just had to get it out.

The girl was breathing by the time an ambulance arrived and took her to a Mesa children's hospital where she remains as doctors keep an eye on her.

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