Rottweiler puppies dumped in trash bin reunited with mother

FLORENCE, AZ - After being stolen from a Florence resident's backyard, four one-week-old Rottweiler puppies, discovered in a dumpster, were reunited with their mother according to a Pinal County Press Release. 

Tuesday morning the dogs' owner reported the puppies and their mother missing to the Florence Police Department. 

A neighbor spotted the puppies later that day when he took out the trash and returned them to their owner who signed them over to the Pinal County Animal Care and Control Shelter for further care.

The puppies were a little dehydrated but otherwise, fine and later transferred to the Bark Side Rescue.

Despite the puppies' overall condition, it was urgent that the mother be located. 

"If a mother of puppies does not feed within a short amount of time she will stop producing milk," Kaye Dickson, the Animal Care and Control Director, said.

On Wednesday, the mother was found. She had spent the night at The Windmill Winery where she was tended to. 

The owner voluntarily signed the mother over as well. 

She was reunited with her puppies late Wednesday afternoon with no feeding problems. The family is being fostered by Bark Side Rescue.

The investigation continues with a person of interest being questioned, according to Dickson.


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