Florence student carries 'Death Note,' lists names of students to harm

FLORENCE, AZ - A student at a Florence Elementary School was taken to a treatment facility after school officials found a list wishing harm to other students in a notebook in the child's backpack at Anthem Elementary in Florence.

According to the Florence Unified School District, the child did not threaten to do harm against the students on the list, but it did state that the individuals listed on the first page of the notebook would die.

School officials stated the book was a Japanese Anime notebook called "Death Note" and described it as a "spell list" not a "hit list." 

"It's like a witch's spell. If you write their name in here some harm will come to them. There was no specific threat. There was no specific 'I'm going to harm them,'" said Florence Unified School District spokesperson John Schreur.

School administrators were alerted to the student after he sent out a troubling text message to fellow students.

"He was threatening suicide. We didn't know how because he didn't get graphic on how he was planning to do it, but he did appear to have a plan," said Schreur.

Schreur told ABC15 the student's parents did notice some warning signs over the weekend and kept the boy home from school for the first part of the week while they tried to deal with it.

School officials will determine if the student will face disciplinary action after he completes treatment, officials said.

Florence police detectives are also looking into the situation to see if charges need to be filed, but Schreur said it likely won't happen in this case.

A parent with three children who attend Anthem Elementary School, told ABC15 that the school principal made a robocall to parents informing them that a threat list was found at the school. The principal then contacted the parent, saying her son's name was on the list.

The school followed all protocols to make sure that all students, including the student in question were safe, officials said.



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