Texas explosion leaves Arizona residents questioning safety of fertilizer plants

CASA GRANDE, AZ - A deadly explosion that leveled dozens of homes in the small town of West, Texas is leading to real concerns here in Arizona.

There are multiple fertilizer dealers in our state, and some of them are very close to neighborhoods.                   

You can see Fertizona's plant from the South Fork Ranch neighborhood in Casa Grande. They don't make the chemical products there, but some residents still have a lot of questions.

Bob Miller has lived in there for seven years. Until the Texas explosion, he says he didn't think twice about it.

"The devastation is just mind boggling," he said.

Fertizona officials say they have a plan in place for emergencies. But they wouldn't elaborate because of security.

"I would ask what safety measures they have in place, for their employees and for us as close residents to the plant. Never considering before the peril of such an explosion," Miller said.

Not all neighbors share Bob's concerns.

"Usually when an incident like that occurs, other companies, other plants across the country, the first thing they're going to do is look at their safety procedures," said Lon Lyford.

Lyford just retired from the oil and gas industry. He believes what happened in Texas will make fertilizer plants closer to home safer. Still, he'd like to see more transparency from the plants.

"I'd love to hear what they have to say, and what they're doing with operations to make it safe," he said.

Fertizona officials say they'll be able to address more safety concerns when they find out what sparked the Texas explosion.

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