Proclaimed owner, Arizona rescue facilities in tug-of-war over pregnant St. Bernard

CASA GRANDE, AZ - An ongoing dispute between several animal rescue facilities and the self-proclaimed owner of a pregnant St. Bernard has prompted officials to get involved.

Christina Boryszewski, posted lost flyers throughout her Casa Grande neighborhood, listed the missing dog on Craigslist and filed a lost report with the City Animal Care and Control after her pregnant St. Bernard Ginger got out of the yard November 8.

A woman who saw the listing on Craigslist reportedly found the dog at the Valley Humane Society and called Boryszewski. When Boryszewski asked at the Humane Society about her dog, an employee reportedly would not show her the intake photo of the dog and denied any St. Bernard dogs were at the facility.

"Valley Human Society (in Casa Grande) refused to give anybody involved a picture," said Boryszewki. "No one has seen a picture of my dog."

When questioned by Kaye Dickson with Pinal County Animal Care and Control, the employee at the Valley Humane Society explained there was a St. Bernard at the facility, but the dog had since been transferred to a rescue.

Dickson said she then contacted the Arizona St. Bernard Foundation and asked about the pregnant dog. An employee reportedly told Dickson they did receive a dog matching the description, but that she was underweight and appeared to have been neglected.

The employee at the St. Bernard rescue also said the dog had 11 puppies and that the expenses amounted to about $800.

The employee would not send a photo of the dog to Dickson and now the Casa Grande Police Department is getting involved, Dickson said.

A lawyer for the St. Bernard Foundation told ABC15 they do not believe the dog at their facility is Boryszewski's St. Bernard, saying the animal does not match the description.

The Valley Humane Society was not available for comment.

Casa Grande police are continuing to investigate the situation.

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