Casa Grande man invents video game controller for people with spine injuries

CASA GRANDE, AZ - In 2007, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Luis Pena found himself in a position few of us can imagine.

Pena, an active healthy law enforcement officer for 13 years was in a severe car crash on the job. 

He ended up paralyzed from the chest down.

"I can move my arms but I can't move my thumbs or my fingers," he said. "I always liked to unwind by playing video games. After the crash I often felt kind of like I needed some action and some adrenaline."

Pena invented a special controller that includes a chin stick, and an over-sized pad that allows him to be able to play the games he always loved. 

"It gives me back a little of what I lost," he said. "When you are gaming you are on an even playing field. It helps me feel a little more independent."

Pena calls it the LP Pad. He is selling the product around the nation and is getting interest from all over the world.

Pena said the device is helping people play who even have more limited mobility than he does. He said that not only does it help to be able to participate in a favorite past time, it also has helped him in reducing his pain medication because he is able to divert his attention away from the pain associated with his injury.





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