Arizona Highways: Snacks made with Arizona sunshine

CASA GRANDE, AZ - If you love your crunchy snacks, you can rest easy knowing if they were created in Arizona, they are also eco-friendly.

The Frito Lay plant in Casa Grande is where 100 million snacks are prepared every year with 1/2 million potatoes being turned into chips daily.

Company officials say with every chip, they're reducing their carbon footprint.

Jason Gray, plant manufacturing director, says the goal is to make, move and sell the snacks with minimal impact on the planet.

"We're taking steps in every part of our business -- from seed to shelf -- to use less water, less energy and less land," he says. "From agriculture to transportation, from manufacturing to delivery. "

Gray says two-thirds of the energy used on the site comes from renewable sources, they've reduced greenhouse emissions by 50 percent and recycle over 75 percent of water used in the process.

They invested in different types of solar and put in a state-of-the art water recycling plant.

Going forward, Frito Lay and parent company Pepsico will be able to use what's been learned at this Arizona plant at facilities all across the world.

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