New Years Resolution: How to lose weight and keep it off

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Losing weight is always a popular New Year's resolution. It sounds easy, but year after year most people fail.

Garrett Shinoskie, a performance specialist at Zone Athletic Performance in Scottsdale says that their gym has a noticeable spike in clients immediately after New Year's Day. 

The only problem is keeping them there. Shinoskie says that usually the eager gym goers seem to taper off after just two to three weeks into the new year.

"People don't really have realistic expectations. They go into it thinking they are going to change overnight," Shinoskie says.

A useful tip is to set smaller, obtainable goals inside of your long term goal. "Keeping that realistic expectation of one pound at a time will eventually compound to 5, 10, 20 pounds. As you keep going you'll hit your goal. But it takes time," says Performance Specialist Adam Mathis.

Shinoskie also stresses the fact not to burn yourself out. "If you haven't worked out at all, do not try and go five days a week, week after week for the entire year. Start off small. Go two times a week for strength training. Try to walk every other day for 30 to 40 minutes," says Shinoskie.

If you set small obtainable goals, the chances of you reaching your overall goal are much greater.

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