Wild arrest in Detroit caught on video

A wild arrest was caught on tape and only Scripps station 7 Action News has obtained the video. 
There's no disputing the traffic stop in Detroit turned ugly fast with fists flying between a cop and the woman he pulled over.
The woman and her family say the officer was way out of line and the police say he was doing his job.
This all happened in the parking lot of a party store on 7 Mile Road – where security cameras watch everything.
It all began Sunday afternoon with the officer ticketing the woman for no seatbelt, no registration, no license and expired plates.
But as the stop appeared to be wrapping up, words were exchanged – and everything went sideways.
When the officer tried to place the woman under arrest, she wouldn't cooperate and he took her down.
It's what happens next that the woman, her family and witnesses say is way out of line. The officer pulled out his handcuffs, and, in the struggle, appears to hit her.
The store owner, who doesn't want his face shown, says that's when he stepped in.
He says "he punched her twice on the face. I told the officer stop hitting her twice and that's when he stopped."
The woman ended up in the back of the patrol car moments later where her aunt captured her on cell phone video of her saying "he's over there laughing and he's just hit me over and over. This is not how he would want his own mother treated."
While the woman was locked up and unavailable to talk with Action News, her aunt said the woman was angry over being stopped.
"She took the tickets from him and said I'm going to call the police on you. This is America, she has the right to say anything that flows" she says.
That's not true, according to Detroit Police. You can't say just anything. Investigators tell me the woman threatened the officer after learning her car would be impounded--and that threat triggered the arrest.
As for the use of force, Detroit Police have reviewed this video and say the arrest was by the book-- given that she fought back. They say it follows training protocol for use of force given her level of resistance.
Police tell us any time there is use of force during an incident, it is automatically reviewed by the department. In this case, DPD says they support the officer's actions before, during and after the arrest. As for the woman, she was taken into custody for resisting and obstructing. Family members say she was also checked out at the hospital.
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