Walmart Straight Talk: Is Walmart's $45/month Straight Talk prepaid wireless plan worth it?

Walmart has gotten tons of publicity, and several million new customers, for its "Straight Talk" prepaid wireless plan.

And why not? It's less than $50 a month.

But a new review discovers some downsides you may not know about.

$45 a month, even for iPhone or Galaxy

Tired of paying $100 a month for your smartphone?
Walmart's prepaid "Straight Talk" -- run by Tracfone -- offers unlimited talk, text, and data for just $45 a month.

You can even get an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

The website surveyed hundreds of customers and says "Straight Talk" is "ideal for light smartphone users."
But it points out that "Straight Talk" throttles, or slows down, your data once you hit 2.5 gigs a month. If you watch a lot of videos, you may become frustrated with an unexpectedly slower internet speed.

Doesn't That Stink?

And from the "doesn't that stink" file, what Deal News calls the biggest downside of "Straight Talk": the customer service.

It says you'll often wait 30 minutes to reach an agent. It even recommends using social media or email to contact customer service. You may even get a faster response.

Deal News admits "Straight Talk" is a great deal--as long as you don't expect Verizon or AT&T-style quick customer service.    

What's the bottom line?: "Straight Talk" will save you money over a conventional cell phone plan. Just realize that it comes with a few drawbacks. You may be able to live with them, so you don't waste your money.

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