Walmart holiday deals 2013: Walmart holiday season savings secrets

This time of year, stores are throwing sale after sale to get us to do our holiday shopping there.

And the biggest store of them all is Walmart.

So we were granted access into a Walmart to find some inside tips for grabbing the best deals before they are gone.

Pallets Full, Ready to Move Out

The retail giant gave us a sneak peek in their back storage area, filled to the brim with pallets of TVs, tablets, and other hot items. It had row after row of TV's, XBox One's, iPads and other goodies.

But while shoppers may be salivating, most don't want to have to fight for these deals.

"Oh I was thinking about it, but you got to get here so early," one shopper said. "I don't like the big crowds," said another.

So Walmart is trying to appeal to them, by take some of the craziness out of holiday shopping.

How They Are Handling Crowd Control

Walmart market manager Shane Barker said the store is spreading out its big sales every weekend till Christmas.

"So as we go through those 5 weeks we'll make sure we have the best pricing possible," he said.

And Walmart for the second year in a row "one hour guarantee" on some of its deals. That way, you won't go home disappointed if they run out.

"We will make sure they get a one hour guarantee card, which will guarantee them that TV coming back to the store prior to Christmas site to store," he said.

The only catch: you have to pay for it at that time, unlike typical rain checks.

PS4 and XBox One

Meantime, store associates at Walmart say the Holy Grail this holiday season will be the XBox One and the PS4. The good news: They will have some in stock, but the bad news is you're going to have to work to get your hands on one.

Barker says stores will be putting out these hot video consoles periodically between now and Christmas, which means to get lucky, you'll want to stop in around 8 am.

For other items, check the ad or Walmart's smartphone app: It will say if something is " guaranteed in stock," or if it's only in limited quantities.

Bottom line: It's important to know before you line up for a sale if the item is in limited quantities, or if you can get a rain check.

If you know that beforehand, you won't be disappointed and you don't waste your money.


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