Tsunami-like wave hit New Jersey shore after June storm

BARNEGAT LIGHT, NJ - According to reports, the wave that hit the New Jersey shore earlier this month has been declared a tsunami by NOAA's West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center.

Scientists are still reviewing the nature of it, but around 3:30 p.m. June 13, water reportedly began to rush out of the Barnegat Inlet unusually fast and was followed by an alleged 6-foot wave, resident Brian Coen told Daily Mail..

Three people were reportedly sucked into the water by the wave, two of them requiring subsequent medical attention.

Coen told Daily Mail the wave had a different kind of energy and was more like "a surge." According to reports, after a while, the current went back in at seemingly the same speed.

Possible causes of the tsunami wave, such as the June 13 derecho, may be to blame.

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