Some Fitbit users claim device is giving them rashes, company to offer refunds

One of the newest and most popular fitness accessories on the market is giving some users a major problem.

Some users claim the "Fitbit Force" is irritating their skin, giving them rashes, blisters, and even peeling skin.

Fitbit says the irritations could be caused by skin that's sensitive to the device's stainless steel or to the material of the band. The company says it will offer refunds or exchanges to those affected.

Users wear the Fitbit like a bracelet and it records their exercise and sleep habits.

Fitbit released a statement to the website Consumerist that said:

We are aware that some of our customers have reported a skin irritation from wearing their Force device. We conduct testing in order to satisfy a variety of internationally accepted standards relating to the safety of the materials in our devices. Fitbit wristbands are made of an elastomer material similar to many sports watches and do not contain latex. The Fitbit Force clasps and casing are made with a surgical-grade stainless steel, which is commonly used in watches, jewelry and other products in contact with the skin.

The statement also went on to say bacteria can accumulate in the wristbands.

Fitbit Force came out last fall and was a very popular gift this holiday season. It costs more than $100.


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