Puppy euthanized after fireworks explode in mouth, blew up part of face

ELKHART, IN - A puppy was euthanized Sunday in Indiana after a firework exploded in the animal's mouth, prompting an animal cruelty investigation.

Elkhart, Ind., police were called to the 1200 block of Main Street on Sunday to investigate reports of children throwing fireworks at a puppy.

The dog apparently caught a firework that exploded in her mouth.

"It pretty much blew off half of her face," said Anne Reel, executive director of the Humane Society of Elkhart County. "That's just cruel."

The dog, a pit bull mix, was less than a year old.

The puppy was found shaking and bleeding excessively, ABC57 reported. The animal was rushed to the Humane Society.

"It was a terrible, terrible injury, one that we could not save her life," Reel said. "There was absolutely nothing we could do for this animal."

Reel said she hopes that people realize that fireworks are dangerous for people and animals.

"You would think people would have common sense. You've got this explosive device and you're going to throw it at a person or an animal?" Reel said.

Police are still investigating the case.

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