Ohio car dealership employee bitten by monkey brought in by customer

VERMILION, OH - A car dealership employee reported that he was bitten by a spider monkey while helping a customer in Vermilion, police said.

According to a police report, a man was holding the spider monkey, Brody, in a car at the Pat O'Brien Chevrolet dealership on Liberty Avenue, and the employee asked if he could pet it. The man said yes, and when the employee reached out, the monkey bit his thumb, drawing blood.

Police said that the man with the monkey does not have a permit to own an exotic animal, and there are questions about who owns the animal.

The employee was treated at a hospital for the small bite.

Vermilion Police confirmed with the monkey's veterinarian that it had received a rabies vaccination and told the man who had it that he must quarantine it for 72 hours.

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