Neiman Marcus data breach: Company investigating stolen payment card data

Neiman Marcus has confirmed the company is the latest victim of cyber criminals who have made off with payment card information from its customers.

The breach follows news Friday that Target's security breach went beyond credit card data. Last month, Target announced some 40 million credit and debit card accounts had been affected by a data breach that happened between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15. It says an investigation has revealed that criminals also took non-credit card related data for some 70 million shoppers.

According to Ginger Reeder, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Neiman Marcus, the company is working with the Secret Service and a leading forensics firm to investigate the situation.

She went on to say the company was informed by a credit card processor in mid-December of potentially unauthorized payment card activity that occurred following customer purchases at Neiman Marcus Group stores.

She said on January 1, the company's forensics firm discovered evidence that the company was the victim of a criminal cyber-security intrusion and that some customers' cards were possibly compromised as a result.

Reeder said Neiman Marcus "has begun to contain the intrusion and have taken significant steps to further enhance information security."

"The security of our customers' information is always a priority and we sincerely regret any inconvenience. We are taking steps, where possible, to notify customers whose cards we know were used fraudulently after making a purchase at our store," said Reeder.

The cause, size and duration of the breach is unknown at this time.

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