Neighbors in San Diego upset after man caught on camera relieving himself behind house

SAN DIEGO - Residents in a San Diego suburb contacted 10News, upset after watching what happened on surveillance cameras in their neighborhood.

"Well gross, I've never seen anything like this before in broad daylight," said neighbor Dieter Muenich, who could not believe his eyes when he watched the surveillance video.

Surveillance cameras captured a man relieving himself behind a neighbor's house.

"I was standing in the front yard and he gets out of the car," said Muenich. "I thought he was visiting people and he gets in the alley here."

After doing his business, the man pulls out his smartphone and appears to take a picture before casually walking away.

"When we reviewed the tape and saw that the person brought toilet paper with them, they seeked it out, came down the alley and actually took a picture of it … it's a fetish or a prank, or something," said the neighbor who installed the cameras that caught the man in the act. He did not want to be identified.

His surveillance system also captured this video of a white SUV that Muenich believes was the car the man drove.

"There are children here, I mean, this is something you don't want to have," he said.

The neighborhood in University Heights was not the only one hit. 10News learned that one week later, also at about 9:30 a.m., the same thing happened at a business in Hillcrest. Employees did not want to be interviewed but say the alley behind their restaurant was targeted.

"Show some respect to our neighborhood and people's property," said Muenich.

It is unclear if both incidents are linked. Residents called police and even showed other neighbors the video in hopes of identifying the man. They say what he did was not only gross but is a health and safety issue for people and their pets.

All they want is for this type of behavior to stop.

"If he's got his prank or doing whatever he's done … you've got your footage, now stop," said the neighbor.

San Diego police say the man's actions are illegal and if caught, he could face an infraction up to a misdemeanor.

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