Nairobi, Kenya mall update: Kenya gunman may have connection to Tucson, reports indicate

TUCSON, AZ - International reports are indicating that some of the gunmen involved in the deadly massacre at a Kenya mall may have been recruited from the United States, with one specifically being linked to Arizona.

An internet blog post citing a French online news source found that a series of tweets from a now-suspended account named several of the alleged gunmen who killed 62 people and injured several more, including Americans, during Saturday's attack.

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According to the blog post, 20 "terrorists" were named, along with their ages and where they are from.

The post lists 25-year-old Shafie Die as being from Tucson.

ABC15 has not been able to confirm that someone by the name of Shafie Die is listed as a resident of Tucson.

ABC15's Christopher Sign has reached out to local law enforcement, including the FBI, whom are aware of the reports and are looking to see if a connection exists. They tell ABC15 that they are still investigating and that it is much too early to determine if someone by the name of Shafie Die does, or at one time did, have a connection to Tucson.

Sources with knowledge of the investigation into the Arizona link say they have been unable to verify any connection to an individual from Tucson at this point.

Phoenix FBI Special Agent Manuel Johnson told ABC15, "It's too soon to validate these reports."

Others listed are from various countries and states, including Minneapolis, Missouri, and Illinois.

A separate blog said that the alleged names of the terrorists were released by a Twitter account affiliated with Al-Shabaab, the suspected leader of an al-Qaeda linked terrorist group.

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