Mormon women fight for equality in LDS Church

A group of Mormon women are raising controversy over an upcoming General Conference by asking church leaders to let women lead the opening and closing prayer as a symbol of gender equality.

In LDS churches across the country, women are allowed to lead prayer, but it has not happened yet at a General Conference.

The group created a Facebook page asking supporters to write letters to their church leaders asking for a woman to lead the prayers in the upcoming conference in Salt Lake City.

While many are supporting the cause, others have strong words opposing it.

"STOP whining about this women, and start upholding your Priesthood holders!!!! First you embarrass yourselves by wearing pants to church and now this???" said one member on Facebook.

Spokesman Eric Hawkins with the Church of Latter-Day Saints in Mesa issued the following statement in response to the movement.

"Decisions on speakers and prayers at General Conference were made several weeks ago and assignments were given to the men and women involved last week.

Customarily, details of the conference programs are not announced until General Conference."

This same group caught nationwide attention last month asking Mormon women to wear pants to church in order to raise awareness about gender equality within the Mormon culture.

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