Marlise Munoz update: Brain-dead pregnant woman's husband names fetus

DALLAS, TX - The husband of a pregnant, brain-dead Texas woman who was taken off life support over the weekend says he decided to name the fetus she was carrying after her.

Erick Munoz told The Associated Press on Monday that he named the fetus Nicole, which was his late wife Marlise Munoz's middle name. He says doctors told him the fetus likely would have been a girl.

Marlise Munoz was taken off life support Sunday, two months after she fell unconscious at home, likely due to a blood clot.

The hospital had refused her family's wishes to unhook her from machines because it said state law required it to protect the fetus' life.

A judge on Friday ordered her to be taken off life support by Monday.

Erick Munoz declined to comment further.

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