Man makes great effort to return Arizona tourist Gene Albe's lost wallet

SAN DIEGO, CA - A remarkable effort to return a lost wallet backfired twice, but with a little help, two men are now happy with the outcome.

Greg Machado spent the last two weeks looking for the owner of a wallet he found at a Pacific Beach Jack In The Box restaurant.

"Along with everything else, there's also $300 and assorted credit cards, and I'd like the guy to get it back," Machado said.

He spent about $9 mailing it to the address on the ID, but it was returned to him.

Machado said, "The guy has the wrong address."

He added, "It's not my money; I'd like to get it back to the guy as best I can."

Machado contacted 10News in San Diego and the owner was located in Phoenix.

Machado spent another $9 to mail it again, and he said, "It took a lot longer than I expected; I didn't expect to pay it forward twice."

The wallet belongs to Gene Albe, who was in San Diego visiting with his family. They stopped to have lunch before a trip to SeaWorld, but when they got to the park, he realized the wallet was missing.

"I was overjoyed; I was stunned," said Albe.

Albe said he couldn't believe someone found it and returned it with all the cash.

"There's a lot of people, you know, scandalous people, who will take anything they can get, but there's also a lot of good people out there, too," Albe said.

He said it changes things for his family this summer.

"We got more money to work with as far as, you know, school clothes and maybe taking some more trips to the mountains and stuff for the kids," said Albe.

Albe said he is grateful Machado found the wallet and bothered to track him down.

"I'd like to thank him, maybe give him a reward for it," said Albe.

Machado said he was happy to help and offered some advice to everyone: "Please people, if you've got a driver's license, make sure it's updated."

Machado said he lost his wallet once -- ironically, in Arizona -- and it was returned to him five days later.

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