Man dies for 45 minutes: Tony Yahle declared dead for 45 minutes, according to report

DAYTON, OH - A cardiologist in Dayton, Ohio was stunned after a patient died for more than 45 minutes and then came back to life.

WHIO-TV reports Tony Yahle, 37, was suffering from irregular breathing in his sleep at his West Carollton home when his wife noticed his breathing. She called for help and performed CPR on her husband, who was eventually transported to a nearby hospital.

Doctors coded Yahle for 45 minutes and a team of medical personnel tried to stimulate his heart. Yahle was declared dead in the afternoon of Aug. 5, but when nurses were ready to let family view his body, he showed signs of life.

"In the last twenty years, I've never seen anybody we have pronounced dead ... and then for him to come back ... I've never seen it. Actually, I've never heard of it," said Dr. Raja Nazir of the Kettering Medical Center.

Yahle was unconscious for five days, but doctors sent him home from the hospital last Thursday. He says he feels fine now.

Yahle told WHIO-TV he was not aware of the incident as it was happening and had no afterlife experience. He said, "I have no memory of anything. I went to bed … woke up five days later in the hospital."

Yahle and his family credit this miracle to faith.

"It definitely strengthens my faith, my family's faith, everybody I know's faith. If it strengthens everybody's faith then I'll take the lumps for it."

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