LaGuardia Airport evacuation: Heightened security at airports after explosions at Boston Marathon

NEW YORK - Heightened security and concerns caused commercial flights in Boston and New York to rescreen passengers and inspect luggage.

Boston's Logan Airport had two flights go through extra security at a time when there is increased security after explosions disrupted the Boston Marathon killing 3 individuals and several injured.

A US Airways spokesman says the Transportation Safety Administration asked that Flight 1716 from Philadelphia be parked remotely when it landed and the baggage inspected. Passengers were taken to a building away from the terminal during the inspection while luggage was unloaded and screened.

United Airways Flight 636 to Chicago was returned to the gate and passengers sent back through security screening at the request of the crew while the aircraft was swept. A United spokeswoman did not say why.

Part of New York's LaGuardia Airport were evacuated due to a report of a suspicious package.

CBS New York says the evacuation Tuesday morning involved the upper level of the airport's central terminal building.

New York City is on a heightened security alert as a precaution due to the Monday's bombing at the Boston Marathon.

The TSA didn't immediately return calls seeking comment.

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