Gay dog saved from euthanasia by last-minute adoption

A dog in Tennessee whose owner dropped him off at a shelter because he thought the animal was gay was reportedly saved from being euthanized this week. reported that the owner saw his dog mounting another male dog and decided that he couldn't own a gay pet. He dropped the dog off at a rabies control center in Jackson, Tennessee earlier this week.

When Jackson TN Euthanasia, a group who tries to save dogs in kill shelters, heard the story, the group reportedly shared the dog's situation on its Facebook page Wednesday.

ABC News reported that the Facebook post went viral, and hundreds of people to call the shelter.

Stephanie Fyrns reportedly adopted the dog and named him Elton. According to the report, she also has four other dogs and is a veterinary tech.

ABC News reported that it's possible that Elton was exhibiting homosexual behavior since more than 1,000 different animal species have been found to demonstrate homosexual behavior.

However, according to the report, Elton was most likely showing dominance  and his owner interpreted it to mean he is gay.


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