Fighting the flu in schools, H3N2 flu symptoms

BALTIMORE - When it comes to the flu, children are especially vulnerable. Close to two dozen kids have already died from the flu this year.

Schools are doing what they can keep things as clean as possible with lots of hand washing, hand sanitizer and reminders of how to properly cover your cough.

Doctors say the best way is to cough into your elbow not into your hand.

Kids are more likely to use good hygiene when it's fun. For example, sing a song that lasts at least 20 seconds while washing hands.

And talk to your child about recognizing symptoms.

"Some people sing the ABC's or happy birthday two times, but at least 20 seconds of vigorous washing."

If your kid appears to be getting sick, don't give them an ibuprofen and send them to school. Keep them home so the infection doesn't spread. 

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